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Nov 21, 2011

More Rumors Suggest Radeon HD 7900 GPUs Will Use XDR2 Memory

Rumors regarding the use of XDR2 memory in AMD's next-gen Radeon HD 7900 graphics cards refuse to die and recently these have been brought once again to our attention by a Chinese website.

According to MyDrivers, AMD will design its Radeon HD 7900-series graphics cards based on the Tahiti core to work with both GDDR5 and XDR2 memory.

Certain higher-end SKUs based on Tahiti will use XDR2, while the more cost effective versions of these GPUs will pack the same GDDR5 memory we all have come to know and love in our graphics cards.

Of course that these rumors are largely unsupported and that they should be taken with a huge grain of salt, but all this talk about Rambus' XDR2 memory surely makes me wonder if there is any truth behind these allegations.

I guess that for now all we can do is wait and see how this one plays out.


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