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Nov 21, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich Successfully Ported on HTC Hero, Not Ready for Full Use

After Nexus S and Galaxy S II, another Android smartphone receives an unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich update, the old HTC Hero, also known as T-Mobile G2 Touch.

It appears that the folks over at XDA have successfully ported the Android 4.0 on the HTC Hero, though the ROM is not yet ready for full use due to several bugs and issues.

The XDA team that developed the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Hero claims that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options are fully supported, but there are some problems with calling / data features.

Some SIM cards may encounter problems connecting to the network. According to the developers, these problems are not related to the phone's radio.

However, the XDA team will probably release an updated version of the ROM that hopefully fixes this calling/data problem.


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