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Nov 21, 2011

Nvidia's Upcoming GeForce 600M-Series GPUs Get Detailed – Report

We all knew for quite some time now that the beginning of 2012 will mark the introduction of a series of new mobile graphics cores from Nvidia that take the 600M-series designation, but now additional details about the specs of these GPUs made their way to the Web.

Nvidia's GeForce 600M notebook graphics card range will be comprised of 13 solutions according to the info provided by ComputerBase, these being split into three series depending on their target market.

The fastest of these were designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts and their code names carry the “E” moniker to suggest their membership to this GPU series.

Nvidia plans to launch five enthusiast notebook graphics cores in total, the fastest of which being the GTX 680M known under the code name of N13E-GTX and featuring a 256-bit memory interface.

The only other Nvidia mobile GPU to use a 256-bit memory bus is the GTX 675M, while the GTX 670M will use a 192-bit wide interface.

The two other chips in the enthusiast range, the GTX 660M and the GT 655M, come as 128-bit parts, which is also the width of the memory bus used by five of the six performance (identified by the “P” moniker) GPUs that Nvidia has planned.

The last two Nvidia GeForce notebook solutions to be uncovered belong to the mainstream sector and are known as the GT 620M and 610M, both of which coming with a 64-bit wide memory bus.

Right now we don't know how many of these solutions are actually new as the lineup will also include a series of rebrands.

Another question sign regards the manufacturing technology used for building these GPUs. Previous reports suggested that all will be built on the 28nm node, but it now seems like Nvidia will also sell a series of GeForce 600M parts based on the 40nm production technology.


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