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Nov 29, 2011

iOS 5 Code Confirms Next-Gen iPad 3

Registered Apple developers who have downloaded the initial iOS 5.1 beta were eager to sift through the code and see whether there were any new device designations, as found on numerous occasions in the past.

As expected, there were traces of unreleased iPad models. Four to be exact - iPad 3,1 3,2 (discovered months ago), iPad 2.4 and iPad 3,3. At least one of the designated devices is believed to be WiMAX or LTE capable and they all have a rumored March launch date.

Should Apple launch the updated tablets next spring, it would mark the third consecutive year to see an iPad refresh once every 12 months - in accordance with most iDevice refresh cycles.

(The iPhone, however, ‘skipped a beat’ this year with the October launch of the 4S model arriving some three months later than expected, disappointedly not bearing the 5.0 moniker either.)


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