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Nov 29, 2011

Intel Celeron 807UE CPU with 10W TDP to Arrive in Q4 2011

In the fourth quarter of 2011, Intel will update its Celeron processor lineup with yet another chip based on the Sandy Bridge architecture, the 807UE, which thanks to its 10W TDP will become Intel’s most power frugal CPU to be built using the SNB core.

As CPU-World has revealed, the new Intel chip was designed in order to target the embedded market, which means that it will be produced in the BGA package.

In order to achieve this low power consumption of the Celeron 807UE, Intel was forced to cut back on its specs and the final result is a single core chip that comes clocked at 1GHz and sports only 1MB of Level 3 cache.

The operating frequency of the built-in GPU was also reduced so the 807UE has a base graphics core clock of 350MHz which can go up to 800MHz, thanks to Turbo mode, when the need arises.

As it’s the case with other Sandy Bridge-based Celeron processors, the 807UE lacks support for some of the more advanced technologies found inside higher-performing second-generation Core processors like Turbo Boost or HyperThreading. The CPU does however feature VT-x virtualization support.

Despite the low specs of the Celeron 807UE, the processor should come as a huge improvement over Intel’s Atom chips, while requiring a limited amount of extra power, so we should expect this to make its appearance in quite a few embedded devices.

Right now, Intel’s budget line of Celeron embedded processors includes four models with 17 Watt and 35 Watt power envelopes.

The 35 Watt models are the B810 and B810E, both including dual computing cores, while the ULV chips with 17W TDP are the single-core 827E and the dual-core 847E. Right now, the price of the Celeron 807UE is not yet known.


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