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Nov 14, 2011

MSI LGA 2011 Motherboard Can Support 128GB of RAM

Together with Intel's official announcement of the first processors based on the Sandy Bridge-E architecture, MSI released two new LGA 2011 motherboards one of these featuring support for 128GB of RAM according to the company.

The motherboard is question is called the GD65-X79A (8D) and in Europe this comes with a recommended price of 259€, or about $355 US.

In order to enable the motherboard to support this much memory, the GD65-X79A (8D) was designed to include no less than eight DDR3 sockets which MSI states are compatible with 16GB memory modules.

The only problem is that no DDR3 maker builds such high capacity DIMMs, so for now users will be limited at pairing the GD65-X79A (8D) with 8GB sticks for a total of “just” 64GB.

Outside of the eight memory DIMMs, MSI's LGA 2011 creation packs five PCI Express x16 slots (three PCIe 3.0 and two PCIe Gen 2), a single PCI Express x1 slot as well as a wide assortment of other features.

These include support for MSI's well-known OC Genie II automatic overclocking technology, Military Class III components, dedicated voltage reading points, and THX certified audio.

Like most other high-end LGA 2011 motherboards that we have come to see until now, the X79A-GD65 is also compatible with CrossFireX and SLI multi-GPU technologies.

As far as storage is concerned, MSI's solution is equipped with four SATA 6Gbps ports as well as with quad SATA 3Gbps ports.

USB 3.0 connectivity is also included thanks to four connectors placed on the rear I/O bracket, while an on-board pin-header adds support for another two such ports.

Together with the GD65-X79A (8D), MSI also introduced the X79A-GD45 which features support for just four memory DIMMs, but comes with a lower recommended price set at 215€, or roughly $259 US, according to ComputerBase.


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