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Mar 29, 2012

How to Install Update 12070 on Nokia Lumia 800

Today, Nokia announced the global availability of a new software update for its Lumia 800 smartphones, with various enhancements included inside. 

The new update provides longer battery life for the mobile phone, along with better voice quality through a series of improvements brought to the bass in the audio. 

Following the update, Nokia Lumia 800 owners will also observe that the soft keys illuminate at all brightness levels settings. 

Users who haven’t got the chance to update their Lumia 800 smartphones before (this is the third update for the device) can now learn how to do that. 

The process is very simple, though it involves connecting the device to a Windows PC or a Mac. The update can be performed only through the Zune software on Windows or via the Windows Phone Companion on Macs. 

Before proceeding with the update, Lumia 800 owners should make sure that their device is properly charged, and that they backed-up all data on it. Moreover, they should also ensure that there is enough hard disk space on the PC to properly backup the files on their devices

To get started, users will need to fire up Zune, configure the app's settings (including info such as phone’s name), and let the software search for any available updates. 

If new firmware is available, they will have to hit the Update Now button, and Zune will begin downloading and installing the software. 

As soon as the update is completed, Lumia 800 owners should hit the Finish button on the application, and then unplug the phone from the PC. If the app closes before the update is completed, they will simply have to launch the app again. 

Users can also manually check to see whether the update is available for their devices through going to Settings then Phone on Zune, and then hitting the Update button. 

The application will search for any available new firmware for the mobile phone and will prompt the phone's owners to upgrade if one appears. 

For a better understanding of how the update process works, you should have a look at the video embedded below.


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