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Mar 29, 2012

Buffalo Reveals Class 6 MicroSDHC Memory Cards

There are some new memory cards for sale in Japan, fit for phones, cameras and anything else that use the microSDHC form factor.

Then again, Buffalo, the maker of the cards, also went to the trouble of bundling the newcomers with adapters that convert them into standard-size SDHC cards (the like used by DSii, Dsi, 3DS and Wii consoles form Nintendo, as well as many other products).

Capacities range from 4 GB to 32 GB (8 GB and 16 GB are in-between), while the transfer rates are of at least 6 MB/s (Class 6 rating demands no less).

From small to large, the prices are of 2,880 JPY ($34.6 / 26.37 Euro), 3,880 JPY ($46.7 / 35.52 Euro), 8,880 JPY ($107 / 81.31 Euro), and 17,880 JPY ($215 / 163.72 Euro), respectively.

All in all, the items are a bit expensive. Hopefully online retailers will put them up for less when (and if) availability expands to other regions.


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