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Mar 29, 2012

Microsoft’s Windows 8 "Pro Pack" Edition to Feature Windows Media Center

Among the various versions of Windows 8 that Microsoft might push to the market when the platform hits the gold state this fall, one specific flavor is rumored to feature the name of Windows 8 “Pro Pack” Edition. 

The SKU is said to be called “ProfessionalWMC,” which stands for “Professional with Windows Media Center.”

Apparently, this will be a different edition than the Windows 8 Professional version that Microsoft will push to shelves, and will include the Windows Media Center. 

Microsoft hasn’t provided specific info on the matter for the time being, but a recent article on WinUnleaked, a source of various unofficial details on Microsoft’s upcoming platform, claims that Media Center and Family safety will be included in this SKU. 

This version of Windows 8 will also come with the previously announced Storage spaces, as well as with support for Windows to Go.

Windows 8 “Pro” will be easily upgradeable to Windows 8 “Pro Pack,” the news site also notes. 

Following the upgrade, users will find the Media Center available on the Start Screen in Windows 8 “Pro Pack,” and will also notice that the Windows Anytime Upgrade is no longer present in the all apps view. 

Some other changes that this Windows 8 edition will pack include the lack of the Windows orb, and the presence of “Family safety” in the Control Panel. 

Apparently, Microsoft has just started the work on this new Windows 8 SKU, which means that further changes are to be spotted in the coming months. 

The “Pro Pack” edition of Windows 8 was seen in the post-beta development of the platform, though it is yet unclear whether Microsoft is indeed set to push the Media Center application into a separate Windows 8 flavor or not. 

Previously, Microsoft said that the Media Center would still be part of Windows 8, but did not offer specific details on the matter. Rumor has it that the company is considering the availability of this app as paid software in the upcoming Windows Store.


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