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Mar 21, 2012

Nikon Short on D800 Digital SLR Camera

Remember the Nikon D800/D800E? The first camera that gained USB 3.0 certification? It looks like some people might have to wait for it longer than planned. 

Nikon is poised to start shipping the D800 and D800E tomorrow (March 22, 2012). 

Unfortunately, people may not be able to get one, and it isn't because of a product delay, not exactly. 

The company is going to formally release it on time, but it has warned that there will probably be a shortage of supply. 

Pre-orders have already surpassed Nikon's expectations, and with the number of customers only set to increase, this is understandable. 

We aren't about to go through all the specs of the camera again. You're all better off going here and getting the rundown anyway. Just don't have a heart attack when you see the prices.


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