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Mar 21, 2012

Area Reveals VGA-to-TV Converter

Today's HDTVs can usually connect to PCs just fine, but that's only because they have HDMI or other PC-compatible ports.

Regular TVs, those that only have composite or S-Video inputs, or other common plug, can't do the same, even if they are otherwise suited for such a task.

Area decided to do something about this, leading to the making of the SD-DSCV.

Basically, this is a VGA down-scan converter device, in other words an adapter that turns VGA output into legacy/TV-compatible signals, with outputs to match.

Of course, sacrifices had to be made: the maximum resolution is of 1,024 x 768 pixels.

In addition to the video ports, the Area SD-DSCV has an USB cable, which draws power from that interface.

April 9 is when sales will start, in Japan at least, for the price of 4,980 JPY (US $59.4 / 44.751 Euro).


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