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Mar 21, 2012

Script: stopcensorship.js

stopcensorship.js was born after the recent massive protests against bills like SOPA, PIPA or ACTA. The library is a protester's best friend, visually previewing a future in which the Internet is controlled by corporations and not the content creators.

When including stopcensorship.js on a web page, using a complex algorithm, the library chooses random words which it censors by adding a black strip/box over them.

As you can see from our screenshot above, random words are scratched out. Every time the user reloads the page, other words are censored.

At the top of the page a small bar is shown, with a button that can remove the censorship bands and allow users access to the page. Also a link to the Stop American Censorship campaign (default) is included. This link can be edited to point to your own protest campaign's website.

The library's download package also contains a PHP file which can be used as a WordPress plugin for embedding the library on WP-powered sites.

Here's a demo of stopcensorship.js in action. Bugfixes and issue requests are handled via its GitHub account.

Download stopcensorship.js from our Scripts section here.


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