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Mar 21, 2012

Intel Scraps 3.4W Thunderbolt Cactus Ridge Chipset

As some may know, Intel is working on a new series of Thunderbolt chipsets, but it looks like the so-called Cactus Ridge line is not going to be as large as initially planned.

The Santa Clara, California-based company was known to be developing a 3.4W Cactus Ridge chip known as L3510H.

Now, though, it is said that the product has been scrapped in favor of the 2.8W L3510L. Truthfully, the latter isn't that different from the former, so we can understand the move.

Intel would have probably made some modifications if it had gone through with the initial plan, but now it doesn't have to.

L3150 has four channels and will replace Light Ridge 82523EF/EFL, the one launched back in late 2010.

It is smaller and more energy efficient too, not to mention more feature-packed: a DisplayPort redriver, a connection manager and a link controller exist. Samples are poised to be ready in April (2012).


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