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Mar 19, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Possibly Featured in VISA Video Ad

The hype around Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone is high, and it is expected to grow further before the mobile phone becomes officially available, and even after that. 

Officially confirmed for the first half of this year, the handset is nowhere to be seen for the time being, but it should not be too long before it is formally introduced. 

In the meantime, all we have to do with are leaks and rumors, including one that places the upcoming device in a new video ad from VISA. 

In the said video ad, the smartphone is touted with support for Near Field Communications (NFC) and for wireless mobile payments, although it is not named as the Galaxy S III. 

However, its outer design appears to confirm the fact that we’re indeed looking at the upcoming flagship Android device from Samsung. 

There is no homescreen button visible on the handset’s front, and the screen appears to be larger than on previous models when put in relation with the entire body. 

The video ad is supposedly meant for the Olympic Games 2012 edition that will take place in London this year. Both VISA and Samsung are official sponsors for the event. 

On the other hand, the device in this video ad could turn out to be a totally different mobile phone, and sammobile suggests that the I9100P could prove a possibility. 

The Galaxy S III should become official in the near future, rumor has it. Samsung confirmed it for the first six months of this year, but did not offer a specific launch date for it. 

The phone should include a quad-core CPU when released, along with a large 4.8 inch 720p screen, an 8MP camera on the back (some suggest it might be a 12MP camera), LTE, NFC, and Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS on top.


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