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Mar 19, 2012

AMD A6-4400M Trinity APU Shows Up in HP g4 Laptops

One of AMD’s upcoming notebook APUs based on the company’s next-gen Trinity architecture, the A6-4400M, was recently spotted in the specifications list of two HP g4-series laptops.

HP’s g4-2002ax and g4-2003ax specs pages are light when it comes to revealing details about this APU, but they did state that the A6-4400M has two CPU cores.

Furthermore, the listing also revealed that the integrated GPU utilized in the A6-4400M is called the Radeon HD 7520G, and that the two computing cores have a 2.6GHz base frequency and 3GHz maximum Turbo Core speed.

These frequencies are 18%, and respectively 15%, higher than those of the fastest AMD dual-core Llano mobile APU in production, the A4-3330MX.

However, since the Bulldozer CPU cores that the A6-4400 utilizes in its construction are less efficient than the company’s previous K10 architecture, which stands at the heart of the Llano APUs, CPU World doesn’t expect the A6-4400 to perform much better than its current counterpart.

That being said, AMD’s new APU should provide a better gaming experience than the A4-3330MX, while also offering a nice performance boost in applications that support its new AES and AVX instruction sets.

In the two HP notebooks, the A6-4400M will be paired together with the AMD A70M chipset and can use DDR3 memory with speeds of up to 1600MHz.

Based on its clock frequency, CPU-World expects the A6-4400M to fit inside a 35 Watt thermal envelope. 

AMD’s next-generation Trinity accelerated processing units are expected to be made official at the start of this summer, rumors suggesting a June or July launch.

According to a recently revealed AMD presentation slide, Trinity is said to deliver up to 56 percent better graphics performance than Llano, while its general application performance was increased by 29 percent.


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