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Mar 19, 2012

AMD FX-8120 WOX-Series Liquid Cooler CPU Now Available for Pre-Order

Besides the FX-8150 WOX that we spotted earlier this year, AMD is also preparing the release of a liquid cooled version of the FX-8120, which has recently been made available for pre-order by an online store in the US.

This bundle was dubbed the FX-8120 WOX by the chip maker, the WOX suffix at the end of its name pointing out that the processor is shipped together with an AMD-branded water cooler.

Besides the new bundle, the CPU sports the same specs as the regular FX-8120 according to CPU-World, meaning that it includes four Bulldozer modules to deliver a total of eight cores.

These are paired with 8MB of shared Level 3 cache memory and are clocked at 3.1 GHz, but thanks to the addition of the Turbo Core technology the CPU can reach speeds as high as 4GHz when not all cores are active.

The regular version of the FX-8120 comes bundled with an air-cooled fan/heatsink combo and has an MSRP of $205 (about 156 EUR).

In comparison, the new WOX edition FX-8120 CPU retails for $310 US (roughly 236 EUR), which makes it $105 more expensive than its air cooled version. Sadly, the availability date of the FX-8120 WOX is not yet known.

This is the second WOX-series Bulldozer processors to be spotted after the FX-8150, which we reported about at the beginning of February.

Both processors are bundled with the same AMD liquid cooling solution that was developed by Asetek and sports a 120mm radiator and two fans, the latter configured to work in a push-pull mode.

The FX-8150 WOX liquid cooling bundle has an MSRP of $375 (roughly 285 EUR) and is available from various retailers, including Amazon.


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