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Mar 19, 2012

Script: LotusCMS

LotusCMS is one of the fastest, complete and most visually appealing flat-file CMSs you can find on the Internet these days.

Specifically designed on a flat-file access principle, the CMS can be installed on any web server in which a database connection is not available, or even blocked.

Useful features include user administration, automatic updates installer, module manager, custom SEO settings, pages, styles and template management.

LotusCMS is a good fit for small to medium projects, coming with plenty of self-included modules for blogging, menu management, WYSIWYG editing, file browsing, handling site backups and much, much more.

A graphic installer is also provided for easily installing the system on your server.

The LotusCMS website seems to be down for the moment, but most of the development and bug fixing is done via their SourceForge page anyway. Just install it on your web server and take it for a spin.

Download LotusCMS here.


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