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Apr 13, 2012

New Alleged Photo of Samsung GALAXY S III Leaks

Another week, another purported picture of the illusive Samsung Galaxy S III emerges online. However, until Samsung officially announces the device, we can’t really know for sure what the final product will look like.

Coming directly from Poland courtesy to OPDA blog site, the alleged photo of the Galaxy S III shows a device that meets almost all the criteria that we’ve been speculating on for the past several weeks.

As seen in the picture, the device features a physical Home button just like the European version of the Galaxy Note. That is in perfect line with the latest reports that pointed to a last minute design change that we wrote about a few days ago.

Even though the icons on the screen are completely blurred, we notice they are organized following the five-row column pattern that was suggested in the same piece of news, a few days ago. Again, this UI seems to be similar to Samsung Galaxy Note’s user interface.

The classic design may be the only thing that would probably not appeal everyone, as most of us would have expected to see something really spectacular especially that Samsung is reportedly using ceramic coating for the Galaxy S III.

On the other hand, this could very well be a faked image and we’re still in the dark on the Galaxy S III’s design.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have any other confirmed info on the smartphone’s specs sheet or release date. However, most reports suggest that Samsung Galaxy S III might be announced next month.

It’s interesting that the latest hearsay points to an iPhone 5 launch around the same timeframe, May/June 2012. Either Samsung did it on purpose or it’s pure coincidence that Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple’s iPhone 5 will be launched only a few weeks apart.


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