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Apr 13, 2012

Intel Medfield Benchmarked on Reference Design Tablet

Anyone hoping that Intel's next-generation mobile chip will one-up Tegra 3 will probably be disappointed.

Intel has been advertising its Medfield chip as a competent competitor to ARM-based mobile platforms.

Alas, while the processing prowess and power consumption might be decent enough, the graphics leave much to be desired.

At least, this is what the AnTuTu Benchmark suggests. Having been run on the Intel reference Design tablet, it got to 5,335 points.

Meanwhile, the HTC One X smartphone, powered by Tegra 3, got 10,369 points, simply because its 2D and 3D graphics are much better.

On the bright side, those 5335 points at least suggest that the Medfield is fine when it comes to CPU Integer Performance, CPU Floating point Performance, SD card reading/writing speed and Database IO performance.


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