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Apr 13, 2012

Script: Sly

Sly is a really useful and advanced jQuery plugin for creating one-directional scrolling objects.

Sly is quite an unique project because it does not focus on creating a per se slider, a page navigational system or any other scrolling-focused widget, but it's more like a framework for deploying one-directional scrolling components.

Of course, it can create all of the above elements, as featured sliders, carousels, infinite scrolls, transitions, lazy loading objects, image galleries, etc., but it's main utility is to provide a basic core and collection of methods for implementing one-directional scrolling.

Sly supports and works the same for both vertical and horizontal scroll directions.

Check out this plethora of demos on Sly's homepage and keep up to date with the latest project news via its GitHub project page.

Download Sly from here.


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