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Apr 3, 2012

PlayStation 4 (Orbis) Will Be Out in 2013, According to New Report

Another day, another report about the upcoming PlayStation 4 (aka Orbis) next generation home console from Sony. A new rumor says that the device will be released at the end of 2013, ahead of Microsoft’s new Xbox.

The next generation of consoles is coming sooner or later, no matter how much both Sony and Microsoft are saying that their devices will still be around for a few more years.

After some pretty big rumors that arrived last week about the PlayStation 4, which might be called Orbis, a new report has surfaced via website VG247.

According to one of its inside sources, Sony is putting the finishing touches on the PlayStation 4 and will release it in 2013, ahead of Microsoft’s next Xbox console.

The website claims that the design process of the new PS4 started a few years ago and is now entering the home straight. Specifications and hardware prototypes are already being sent out to large publishers like Ubisoft, so that their internal teams can make games that will accompany the console’s release.

More publishers and developers will get to admire the new PlayStation in the next few months during secret meetings organized by Sony before E3 2012.

The actual announcement of the console, however, won’t be made this year, as Sony is still keen on hearing more about Microsoft and its potential Xbox 720, before showing off its next device.

According to the source, the Japanese company wants to make sure that the PS4 arrives before the next Xbox, fact that was actually admitted by Sony executives last year.

In terms of hardware, the website confirms previous reports that the new PlayStation will be powered by a CPU and a GPU from AMD, thereby bringing it closer in terms of architecture to platforms like the Xbox or PC.

Last but not least, the recently released PlayStation Vita will be deeply interconnected with the PlayStation 4, since it can be used as a controller for the console.

As of yet, all these facts are still rumors, so take them with a grain of salt until something official appears.

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