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Apr 3, 2012

Gigabyte's New 3D BIOS Features Dual UEFI Setup

It looks like companies really like the idea of 3D BIOS setup programs with isometric views of the motherboard, and Gigabyte is no exception.

In fact, the company is shipping all LGA2011 motherboard with 3D BIOS, a BIOS that has now been updated to a newer version.

The user interface still has those GUI elements, but they are more function-oriented.

For instance, the true-color 3D image of the mainboard is swapped for a single solid-color 3D render. This lets users find more easily the sections they can configure.

The pop-ups and clickable sections are still there, but the render can be viewed from different angles now too.

Check out the video embedded above to see exactly what to expect when buying a Gigabyte motherboard. You'll notice several basic configuration pages, as well as an “Advanced” setup icon, among other things.


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