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Apr 2, 2012

Script: ArtSlide

ArtSlide is a simple content slider plugin for jQuery. It does exactly what it says, graciously sliding images/content panels with a side slide motion.

If you’re looking for an image slider, you might get inundated these days with lots of options and different solutions. ArtSlide is just one of them, but instead of using a complicated and pretty big animation engine, it just simply slides content panels from left to right.

It's surely not super attractive like some solutions such as Nivo Slider, but if you’re ever looking for something that puts emphasis on speed and fast load times, ArtSlide is a good plugin to take into account.

ArtSlide can rotate images and HTML content the same way, while offering slide pagination controls, along with caption support for images and side navigation buttons (side arrows).

Download ArtSlide here (zip) or here (tar).


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