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Jun 25, 2012

AMD Fusion APUs 500% is Faster than Intel’s CPUs in Musemage

When it comes to photo processing, GPU accelerated compute power has a very high performance potential. Depending on the architecture in question and the API used, the result can be amazing.

AMD’s Llano seems to be a very capable APU, and despite the fact that it can already be called “last year technology” it demonstrates nice results. Software developers preference for open source APIs also puts AMD’s OpenCL capabilities in a better position than Nvidia’s CUDA. During this year’s AFDS, AMD posted some nice short videos exemplifying the performance improvement offered by the company’s GPU architecture. What the video doesn’t show is the impressive performance results that are achieved in real benchmarking.

William Van Winkle from Tom’s Hardware put AMD’s A8-3850 APU to the test and the result was that the Llano APU is over 5 times faster than Intel’s Core i5 Sandy Bridge processor using HD 2500 iGPU. The more impressive part is the fact that AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 GPU is over 25 times faster than the same Core i5 CPU.

Accelerated by the AMD Radeon™ HD GPUs, Musemage enables ultra-fast speed and real-time visual feedback. Its powerful batch processing tool makes it incredibly easy to process multiple pictures at one time, including adjusting, resizing and applying filters!
Video credits: AMD


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