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Jun 25, 2012

AMD G-T16R Shows 300% Performance of the GeodeLX, Consume Less Power

Fabless CPU and GPU designer, Texas-based company AMD has launched today the company’s new G-T16R embedded processor, on its official website. The new wonder consumes an average power of 2.3 watts and offers over three times the performance of Geode LX.

Many of our readers will remember AMD’s Geode line of embedded processors that the company acquired from National Semiconductor. Back in 2002, AMD needed to buy a whole CPU team from National Semiconductor to be able to offer processors that were proper to fit thin industrial clients and manifested a power consumption of less than 10 watts. Now, AMD is able to offer APUs that consume roughly less than quarter of that value and offer 300% the performance. We should not forget that AMD’s Geode LX was a significantly improved version of AMD’s Geode GX2 and also has AES Encryption. A 3-fold performance improvement along with a 7% decrease in average power consumption and a 58% in chip footprint is quite amazing.

AMD’s Embedded G-T16R APU support Windows Embedded Compact 7, Green Hills INTEGRITY and Express Logic ThreadX operating systems and have enhanced connectivity option such as VGA and LVDS support for legacy applications and DVI, HDMI along with DisplayPort. The maximum TDP of the platform is 4.5 watts, and this includes the APU and the associated chipset. Both chips occupy only 890 square millimeters, which is about a quarter of a square inch. AMD’s older Geode LX embedded processors are supposedly going to be available until 2015 while the team that designed them was relocated from Longmont, Colorado to the new development facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

AMD's G-T16R Embedded Platform
Image credits: AMD

AMD's G-T16R Embedded Platform
Image credits: Advantech

AMD's G-T16R Embedded Platform Diagram
Image credits: AMD


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