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Jul 30, 2012

Alleged Photos of a Fully Assembled iPhone 5

The next iPhone model might become available for purchase as soon as next month, if the latest reports on the matter are accurate, yet we still don’t have an official confirmation on what the device might look like.

However, we can now have a look at what allegedly are photos of a fully assembled iPhone 5 model, complemented by images of its internal circuitry. Coming from repair shop iLab, these photos are not limited to showing us only parts of the new iPhone, as some of the previous leaks on the matter did. Instead, they unveil what might prove to be the final look of the device, with all the purported changes from the current-generation iPhone in tow. At the bottom of the new handset model, you can see the smaller, 19-pin dock connector that Apple decided to go with, along with the headphone jack that was placed on the top side before. Moreover, the new smartphone will land on shelves with a front camera placed in the center, while featuring a modified, metallic back cover.

The rear camera is in the same place as on iPhone 4, the same as the volume buttons on the left side, and the SIM slot on the right. iPhone 5 is also expected to arrive on shelves with a larger screen when compared to previous models, and should feature support for nano-SIM cards, according to the latest reports. While no official confirmation on the specific launch date of the new iPhone model has emerged so far, rumors on a possible September 21st unveiling might pan out. As the release date draws near, more such iPhone 5 parts are starting to leak to repair shops, and we should expect for more details on the matter to emerge soon.

In the meantime, you can have a look both at the photos that iLab provided with the iPhone 5, as well as at a video that Macotakara has posted with the device.

Alleged iPhone 5 images
Images credits to iLab Factory

iLab Factoryが入手した、次期iPhoneと思われるパーツ
Video credits to Macotakara


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