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Jul 30, 2012

Assembly Work at HP Chinese Manufacturing Facility

All those individual and mass suicides at Foxcon's Chinese plant, whether carried out or not, have painted a grim picture of what work is like on the assembly lines.

The video above, depicting a random scene in the lives of employees responsible for quality control, might lay some misgivings to rest. Sure, it's not a Foxconn plant that we're looking at, but the HP contract manufacturer, Quanta, is still every bit a Chinese plant. All in all, there doesn't seem to be much to worry about, except the repetitiveness of the job maybe, but that's hardly something to frown at. Almost all jobs involve a certain routine, and we know of many that are much more physically demanding but just as, if not more, dull.

The only potential gripe left is the payment: $2 / 1.62 Euro an hour. Then again, this is China, so the cost of living there is (most likely) much lower than in the US or EU. That said, Quanta just needs to make sure it doesn't overwork these people, as overtime is the main cause of Foxconn's problems.

Video credits to AnteBoyanROX


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