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Jul 30, 2012

Counters App Call Management for Nokia Lumia Phones

A new application is now available for download for the owners of a Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia device, namely Counters.

Released with support for Lumia 610, Lumia 710, Lumia 800, and Lumia 900, the new application was meant to provide owners with the option to easily manage their calls, messaging and data use each month. Moreover, the new software comes with a simple and friendly design, allowing people not only to see how intensively they use the phone, but also to reset the counters on their monthly billing dates. With the new application, users will be able to easily set usage limits for their calls, messaging, and mobile data. Moreover, they will have the option to see who the top contacts they interact with are, and to change the start of the counting period as they please.

However, the development team behind this Windows Phone application also notes that there are some limitations that people should take into consideration when choosing to download and install it. Among these, we can count:

  • Counters app requires particular phone software. You can check operating system version in Settings>about>more information>"OS version." You should have either 8773 or 8779 in the string. Check for updates here.
  • there are no notifications when set limit is achieved (will come later)
  • conference calls are not counted properly
  • not possible to set data limit counter with a fractional part (i.e. not possible to set 1.5GB limit)

Even with these limitations inside, the software might still sound like a great option for many. They can head over to the Nokia Beta Labs to download the application today. Those reading this post on their Lumia phones can download the app directly from this link. The Counters development team also encourages them to provide feedback on their experience with the application, so that new features and enhancements could be added into the mix.

Counters app for Nokia Lumia devices
Image credits to Nokia Beta Labs


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