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Jul 30, 2012

Two New Intel 7-Series Motherboards for Q3 Release

Intel really likes to name its products weird things, so we are only half-bemused by the names of the two 7-Series, socket LGA 1155 motherboards that VR-Zone unearthed.

Intel already has a number of 7-Series motherboards out. The line was launched all the way back in March after all (2012). The ones we are looking at here are based on the Z77 chipset, making them qualify as high-end desktop platforms. The one bearing the name "Gasper Light" is really called Extreme Series DZ77GAL-70K and will start shipping this quarter (Q3 2012). Overall, it has the same specifications as the DZ77GA-70K, detailed in full here. The only real difference is that the Gasper Light doesn't come with a WiDi-capable WLAN add-on card, an antenna kit, 3.5-inch USB 3.0 front-panel port kit, the Extreme Series mouse pad and the Bluetooth dongle.

The second product, Media Series DZ75ML-45K "Middle Lake," will start shipping at the same time as its sibling. It has a PCB identical to that of the DZ77SL-50K and DH77KC, but no Intel Smart Response technology, so SSD caching doesn't work on it (the Z75 chipset doesn't support it). DZ77GAL-70K should sell for around $170 / 138.80 Euro, since it is essentially the DZ77GA-70K without the extras. As for the DZ75ML-45K, it will ship for about the same sum as the DH77KC: $110 / 90 Euro, give or take. Finally, due to the period when the mainboards become available, they will have BIOS versions ready to tackle Microsoft's Windows 8 OS.

On looking over the current product lineup and roadmap, we suppose Intel is doing its best to cover as much of the motherboard customer base as possible before the arrival of the new operating system. That way it can partially make up for the disadvantage of having so many established motherboard brands to compete against.

Intel DZ77GAL-70K
Image credits to VR-Zone

Intel DZ75ML-45K
Image credits to VR-Zone


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