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Jul 17, 2012

Here Are Some Intel Core and Pentium Series CPUs Set for September Release

If Intel isn't launching anything, the press and Internet will look into what products it will soon or eventually produce, such as Core and Pentium series CPUs.

Last week, for example, we saw how Intel's Core i7-3630QM and i7-3632QM were set for Q4 launch. Now, we are going to detail seven more central processing units, five of which belong to the Core i3 series and two of which are Pentium chips. All of them have four things in common: the thermal design power (TDP), the architecture (Ivy Bridge), the number of cores (two) and the cache memory (3MB). Everything else is different enough to justify the distinct product and series names. The Pentium G2100T 2 and Pentium G2120 lack hyper-threading and run at 2.6 GHz and 3.1 GHz, respectively. The former has a TDP of 35W, but the latter needs 55W.

The five Core i3 CPUs are called Core i3-3220, i3-3220T, i3-3225, i3-3240 and i3-3240T. Only the Core i3-3225 has HD 4000 graphics, while the others make do with HD 2500. Since they possess Hyper Threading, the five processors have 4 threads each. That said, Core i3-3220 is a 3.3 GHz part at 55W TDP, while the Core i3-3220T sacrifices some performance (2.8 GHz) in order to reduce the energy requirements to 35W. The Core i3-3240 and Core i3-3240T have 3.4 GHz and 2.9 GHz speeds, respectively, and similar TDPs are their siblings. As for the Core i3-3225, it is a 55W part with a 3.3 GHz speed.

All of them will be formally launched in the second week of September 2012, which, since the month begins on a Saturday, means between the 2nd and 8th of the month. The folks at CPU World are the ones who uncovered and compiled most of this information, so you can go there to read about the products more at length.

Intel Core i3 logo
Image credits to Intel


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