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Jul 17, 2012

Team Group UHS-1 Xtreem Series Memory Cards

We don't know when, where and for how much money you'll be able to buy one of Team Group’s newest memory cards, but we do know everything else worth knowing.

Called SDHC UHS-1/Micro SDXC UHS-1, they are made for tablets, phones and driving recorders. As suggested by the UHS-1 specification, the transfer speeds are significant: up to 40 MB/s reading, 10 MB/s writing. Speaking of which, random read IOPS are of up to 500, while writing is done at 150.

Furthermore, the data retention is of over 10 years and the power source of 3.3v. All in all, the newcomers are about three times better at writing than products of the same class, or at least three times faster at scribing bits. Real-time communication apps and boot loading of portable gadgets should exhibit the sharpest time differences.

Team Group UHS-1 memory cards
Image credits to TechPowerUp


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