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Aug 1, 2012

CoolerMaster Horizontal Vapor Chamber Coolers

Well-known computer cooling systems manufacturer Cooler Master has decided to switch from using a solid copper base for its high-end coolers to using a horizontal vapor chamber. The solution seems to be considerably more efficient in theory.

It is very important to mention that all this must be proved in real life tests using retail products as the Company’s own TPC812 cooler failed to impress the enthusiasts. In the TPC812, Cooler Master decided to use a large U-shaped vapor chamber that added additional heat transfer capacity next to the 6 heatpipes already present on the cooler. The cooler provides very good cooling results, but fails to surpass many of today’s cooling stars.

This is why we’ll take Cooler Master’s 8x improved heat dissipation claim with a grain of salt and wait for the initial tests. Using a vapor chamber instead of a solid copper base should, in theory improve the heat transfer from the CPU’s ISH to the heatpipes and this is a problem especially in most tower cases.

Cooler Master New Horizontal Vapor Chamber Cooling Concept
Image credits to Cooler Master

Cooler Master New Horizontal Vapor Chamber Cooling Concept
Image credits to Cooler Master

TPC812 Cooler Using a vertical vapor chamber
Image credits to Cooler Master


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