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Aug 1, 2012

Intel Confirmed 40 UltraBook Designs with Touchscreen in 2013

Intel is working hard at making its UltraBook concept a little more popular. The company confirmed that many new UltraBooks that are coming in 2013 would feature touchscreens.

Intel’s UltraBook concept is a surprising initiative from the company. The world’s largest semiconductor company is proposing various innovative enhancements to its mobile concept. Intel is the main supporter of using slim 5mm HDDs, hybrid hard drives or SSDs and ultra-high resolution screens. All these coming from Intel have surprised everybody, as the company often proved it was very conservative, never desired huge performance improvements, never cared about user experience and always charged end-users an “arm and a leg” for every meager improvement. Now, Intel is even arguing for lower prices to make the devices more popular.

Once Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system becomes available in October this year, Intel and its UltraBook partners are preparing over 40 new product designs that will hit the market in late 2012 and early 2013, Fudzilla reported. The touch interface is the new craze this year. Many manufacturers have already launched desktop all-in-one systems that feature multi-touch input. The cost of developing and manufacturing a touch-enabled device has been going down for a long time.

The more they make, the cheaper it gets and there are so many touch-enabled display devices on the market today that the hardware cost is considerably less of a hassle than it was 5 year ago. Having the fitting software is another problem entirely. The maker of a touch-enabled device was supposed to also provide the necessary software, but now that Windows 8 handles all of that, many devices using this operating system will come with the touch feature.

Aspire S7 Touch UltraBook
Image credits to The Verge


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