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Aug 8, 2012

Exogear Stackable Battery Pack

Exogear has introduced the Exovolt Plus, a battery pack that can stack with “sub battery” units to create portable charging stations with virtually unlimited power capacity.

Detailed here, the product costs around $90 / €72.95, while every extra stack ships for $50 / €40. That seems like a lot, but the universal device support (30-pin, USB and micro-USB ports) might compensate for the price tag.

For those who want some technical details, each kit is the equivalent of a 5,200 mAh battery and the main piece (Exovolt Plus) gets four LED battery power status indicators. Exogear has the product page up and running at the other end of this link. We don't know for sure when shipments will begin (the company only says the Exovolt is “coming soon”).

Exogear Exovolt Plus and sub batteries
Image credits to Exogear


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