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Sep 13, 2012

Intel Core i7-4900 CPU Series Coming in Q3 2013

We reported here that there are strong chances Intel will not launch the top performing desktop version of the new Haswell architecture next spring and it seems like we were actually right about this.

AMD’s lack of a worthy x86 performance competitor seems to be the reason behind Intel’s delay. Intel is the type of company that likes to charge its customers “and arm and a leg” for every tiny performance improvement that its products are offering. The only way this sometimes changes is by the means of a surprising competing architecture that forces the company to innovate and offer innovations not only for money, but also to win back customers or not to lose them in the first place.

Intel is reportedly planning to launch its new top performing Haswell desktop processors in autumn of next year and this will also mark the introduction of the Core i7-4900 series. What’s interesting is that the Core i7-4900 series are actually Ivy Bridge-E processors, not Haswell. Ivy Bridge-E comes in LGA2011 form and will have support for DDR3-1866 memory along with a clock that’s probably going to end up higher than 4 GHz when Boost mode is active.

Intel Ivy Brigde E HEDT Processor slide
Image credits to BSN


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