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Sep 6, 2012

TSMC 10nm Manufacturing Plan

In the quest for more 28nm manufacturing capacity, TSMC is apparently trying its best to expand and refine the 28nm production lines and will put more advanced technologies on the backburner.

World’s largest independent semiconductor foundry, Taiwanese company TSMC is now apparently giving up on its plans to implement and ramp up production using 450mm wafers during the 2013 ~ 2014 timeframe. Right after the company bought a stake in the famous ASML semiconductor technologies developer, along with the likes of Intel and Samsung, TSMC decided not to hurry so much towards implementing a 450mm manufacturing line.

The company has announced that it will begin commercial 450mm wafer manufacturing at the 10nm node in 2018, Fudzilla reports. Now TSMC’s timeframe seems perfectly aligned with Intel’s and we wonder if this is not a decision the semiconductor giants made together.

TSMC Building
Image credits to Wikipedia


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