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Sep 6, 2012

Samsung 13.3" 535U3C Ultra-Thin Notebook Featuring AMD Trinity

Korean giant electronics and semiconductor company Samsung is now preparing the new AMD-powered Series 5 ultra-thin notebooks. The laptops feature AMD’s Trinity ultra-low voltage (ULV) processors.

We knew that Samsung’s Series 5 notebook line would also feature Trinity-based models, but now these mobile computers have reportedly been spotted at online retail stores. The new laptops come with the amazingly low power A6-4455M APU that only consumes a maximum of 17 watts and is clocked at 2.1GHz.

This APU has a 2600 MHz Turbo frequency, 2 MB of level 2 cache and a decent integrated Radeon HD 7500G iGPU that runs its 256 shader cores at 327 MHz, or up to 424 MHz in Turbo mode. Samsung’s 535U3C ultra-thin notebook has a 13.3” matte screen sporting the modest 1366 by 768 pixel resolution, but we can’t expect much more from such a thin and light device, complete with USB 3.0, that’s priced below 600 EUR ($750).

Samsung 13.3" 535U3C Ultra-Thin and Light Notebook powered by AMD Trinity APU (1.52 Kg / 3.35 pounds)
Image credits to Fudzilla


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