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Sep 6, 2012

VIA Quad-Core Pico-ITX Motherboard with DirectX 11 and 3D

VIA may not be all that famous nowadays, nor does it have a large share of the motherboard and processor market, but as each day passes, we are more and more convinced that lack of advertising, as well as the decision to focus on a particular segment of the market, is the only reason.

And by that we mean that we have all the proof we need to believe that VIA could very well create platforms for any sort of consumer electronic device, even PCs, if it wanted to. Especially considering that there was a time when it did just that. The VIA EPIA-P910 Pico-ITX board is not a platform suited for PCs, but it doesn't really need to be. Having been developed for healthcare, logistics, fleet management and other such markets, it gains points for how hardcore its features are, even in the pico-ITX form factor. While measuring 10 cm x 7.2 cm (or 3.93 x 2.83 inches), the EPIA-P910 offers not only the standard capabilities of a PC (through a quad-core E-Series 1 GHz CPU), but also support for DirectX 11 graphics, plus stereoscopic 3D video.

“The VIA EPIA-P910 features the most advanced technology from VIA with the latest VIA VX11H MSP and VIA QuadCore E-Series processor,” said Epan Wu Head of the VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. “It provides superior computing performance and the richest display capabilities allowing embedded system designers to innovate for immersive embedded environments.” The DirectX 11 and 3D are owed to the VIA VX11H MSP (media system processor). Display support is enabled by HDMI 1.4a, VGA and one single-channel 24-bit LVDS. Other specs of the small board include two USB 3.0 ports, DDR3-1333 memory (8 GB max), two SATA ports, the latest VIA Chromotion 5.0 video processor (included in the VIA VX11H MSP), Gigabit Ethernet, and HD audio.

Go here for the EPIA-P910, and here for the VX11H media system processor. You won't find pricing info, but you will learn all other existing information.

VIA EPIA-P910 Pico-ITX motherboard
Images credits to VIA

Image credits to VIA


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