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Sep 17, 2012

Twitter and Facebook on Windows Phone 8 Lockscreen Notifications

Windows Phone 8, the next major version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, is expected to hit the market with a great deal of improvements packed inside, including some related to its lockscreen.

We have already learned that there might be more notifications icons available when the handset is locked, but no specific info on what they might be has been provided as of yet. Recent reports, however, suggest that Windows Phone 8 will display both Twitter and Facebook notifications on the lockscreen.

The feature was spotted in the video of Nokia’s last week announcement on Lumia 920, available on YouTube as well and embedded above. Said notifications feature is visible at the 23:38 mark in the video. Windows Phone 8 will also arrive on shelves with a new homescreen for its users, as well as with a variety of other enhancements, but Microsoft has yet to detail them fully.

Nokia Lumia 920 http://bit.ly/OP5pDU and Nokia Lumia 820 http://bit.ly/Q7i7lc announcement. This video is a recording of the Nokia and Microsoft Press Conference in NYC September 5 where Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 devices were announced.
Video credits to nokia


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