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Sep 17, 2012

Intel Atom “Rosepoint” SoC Will Integrate Wi-Fi

A good system-on-chip platform is what Intel needs on the tablet market, but the one with a feature combination that might, finally, secure its position in that field may not come fast enough.

The Atom SoC platform bearing the “Rosepoint” codename will only be launched two years from now, despite the formal revelation having been done at IDF SF 2012. IDF SF is short for Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco. The gathering took place between September 11 and September 13. One of the “promises” that Chipzilla made there was that everything would be wireless, in due time. Rosepoint is the means by which Wi-Fi support will be granted to consumer electronics devices based on the Atom architecture. Two 32nm-based x86 cores will do the computing, while the integrated Wi-Fi transceiver will be digital, not analog. Digital Wi-Fi chips aren't common, but they should be easier to scale down compared to analog ones, those usually added to devices today.

Wired was told that the digital Wi-Fi Radio Frequency (RF) chip would scale according to Moore's Law, the principle that has guided the CPU industry for decades (the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years). The RF chip will access the 2.4 GHz radio band, but later Rosepoint chips will include cellular data access and built-in radio antennas as well. During IDF, Intel spoke of a future in which every device ready for computing data would be capable of communicating wirelessly. On that note, battery recharging will be done without cables as well. Rosepoint is, obviously, one of the steps towards that future. Unfortunately, two years is a long time to wait for it, especially now that the chip giant needs a way to persuade companies like ASUS and Acer to resume Atom product support, not to mention prevent others from quitting as well.

Intel Atom Rosepoint
Image credits to Intel


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