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Sep 17, 2012

Ciphertex 40TB 10GbE Secure NAS Server

All network-attached storage devices have a level of security built into or installed on them, but Ciphertex has made it its life's purpose to product storage units that have no equal in this area.

A product called CX-10K-NAS is on display at the HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association) conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania (September 16-19). Not only does it have a capacity of up to 40TB of storage space, but it supports a data transfer speed of 10 Gigabits. Thus, data is accessed at up to 1,000 MB/s, assuming a 10 GbE network is accessed, instead of the more common 1 GbE. Ciphertex invented the portable storage system for forensics (handling and safeguarding of suspect data). It made sure that multiple concurrent workflow requests can be carried out on it at the same time. "The ever-increasing market adoption of Ciphertex secure data storage technology is a testament of our ongoing commitment to provide the best-in-class storage solutions for business critical environments where security, speed, portability, reliability, and I/O versatility are key requirements," concluded Kaner. "We will continue to drive innovation with industry leading products like our new CX-10K-NAS while investing in emerging technologies that will better serve our customers."

Ciphertex's 40TB AES-256Bit encrypted portable data storage system is just one member of an entire family, if one were to view differing capacities as enough of a reason to think of the products as completely distinct entities, rather than simple iterations of the same device. Immediately below the CX-10K-NAS of 40TB is a 30TB model, followed by two 15 TB ones (NAS CX-5000NAS and CX-RANGER-EX), one 5 TB portable RAID unit (CX-RANGER-E), a 4 TB NAS (CX-3500-ES3), one with 2 TB (CX-3500E) and, finally, a pair of 1 TB models (CX-2500-ES3 and CX-2500E).

Ciphertex CX-10K-NAS
Image credits to Ciphertex


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