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Oct 28, 2012

ASUS RT-N12HP High-power Wireless-N300 Router

Wi-Fi networks that need to be reached by many people usually use range extenders and signal boosters, but ASUS has decided to merge the concepts together.

The RT-N12HP high-power wireless-N300 router was the result. A merger between a router and range extender (by virtue of the huge 9dBi antennas), it also acts as an access point (adds Wi-Fi to an existing wired-only modem/router). To change between these three modes of operation, all it takes is to launch the EX Switch software on a PC and select standard router usage, access point mode or range extender mode. The Wi-Fi range should be 300% that of normal routers, while the signal strength stays consistent and stable because of the inner parts.

A final advantage is the support for four distinct networks, or SSIDs, at once. This allows for very specific access and control settings depending on who is allowed to use the internet/network at any given time. Guest SSIDs can have controlled bandwidth and access, even individual passwords. ASUS did not specify the price of the RT-N12HP, unfortunately.

ASUS RT-N12HP high-power wireless-N300 router
Image credits to ASUS


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