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Oct 28, 2012

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter Is Cheaper

Apple’s legacy iPad 10W USB power adapter sells for $29 / €29 but there’s a newer 12 Watt version now that actually retails for less, despite charging your iDevice faster. And here’s why.

After unboxing the new 12W USB Power Adapter from Apple, iLounge confirmed that the $19 / €19 price tag is justified by the lack of a Dock Connector to USB Cable and a longer extension cord. That’s right, “this version is merely a cube with wall blades,” notes iLounge, which puts a big emphasis on accessories and add-ons for Apple products. As the source confirms, the only benefit that comes with the purchase of Apple’s new wall charger is the increased wattage.

While the iPhone and iPod touch charge relatively fast no matter where you plug them, this new charger is godsent for iPad users, especially owners of the third-generation model with Retina display. That thing takes a whole night to charge its huge battery.

Apple's new 12 Watt Power Adapter unboxed
Image crdits to iLounge


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