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Oct 29, 2012

ECS HDC-I2/E-350D2 Mini-ITX Motherboard

The number of AMD-powered and compatible motherboards has really been on the rise lately. While ASRock is the greatest contributor, ECS is doing its part as well.

What Elitegroup Computer Systems did was release the HDC-I2/E-350D2. A mini-ITX motherboard, it runs the AMD E-350D APU (accelerated processing unit) and boasts two memory slots (DDR3-1066 MHz), a legacy PCI slot, some video outputs (DVI and HDMI), 6-channel HD audio, Gigabit Ethernet, and two SATA II ports (SATA 3.0 Gbps). The whole thing gets energy from a 24-bit power connector, so the power supply needn't be all that strong.

ECS expects the HDC-I2/E-350D2 to be employed as the basis for nettops (low-end desktop PCs) and HTPCs (home-theater personal computers). Sales should start soon, for under $100 / 77-100 Euro. Included in the price are coupons to Cyberlink MediaExpresso 5.1 LE and MediaShow 5.1 LE.

ECS HDC-I2/E-350D2 mini-ITX motherboard
Image credits to ECS


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