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Dec 6, 2012

5-Port PNY HDMI Switch Will Turn Five Devices Into One

Some high-end HDTVs and monitors have more than one HDMI port, in addition to the obligatory DVI, VGA and/or DisplayPorts, but that begs the question of how to connect more devices that have the same outputs.

PNY has the answer, at least as far as the HDMI interface is concerned. The company has introduced the 5-Port Smart HDMI Switch, which connects up to 5 HDMI devices via a single HDMI port. A remote control allows owners to easily switch which device gets to use the monitor or TV at any given time.

Onboard manual switching is possible too, of course, and LED indicators show which connection happens to be on at any one time. Auto switching is possible as well, to an extent. PNY is charging the sum of $49.99 / 38.27 – 49.99 Euro.

Image credits to PNY


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