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Dec 6, 2012

EnGenius ENS200 Outdoor Long-Range Wireless N150 Bridge/AP

Home networks used to be rare, then they became common but used lots of cables and at least one switch. Then Wi-Fi came along, and nothing was the same. EnGenius Technologies is helping with the next step.

Wireless networks are used in many homes, but that doesn't apply that well to the exterior of homes, unless a particularly strong router is involved, one capable of broadcasting through walls. EnGenius figured that people might want to go for a stroll or sit and use their PCs in their back yards or gardens. And since some gardens are really large, the range of their Wi-Fi routers and bridges could do with a boost. That is why the company created the ENS200 Outdoor Long-Range Wireless N150 Bridge/AP, a high-performance but not overly expensive 802.11n 2.4 GHz wireless outdoor bridge and access point. It can work as an access point, Wireless Distribution System station (WDS), WDS bridge and WDS access point. The exact range isn't specified, but it should be large, since EnGenius expects not just normal consumers to find interest in its device, but also public venues like retirement homes, RV parks, campgrounds, and marinas. A dual-polarity antenna makes this happen.

The top speed is of 150 Mbs, a far cry from some Wi-Fi routers and Gigabit Ethernet cards, but still above the 100 Mbps available to normal cable LANs (local area networks). What's more, the ENS200 has a number of security features like WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise encryption, 802.1x RADIUS authentication, hidden SSID, and MAC address filtering. Finally, and probably most importantly, the newcomer is IP65 waterproof and UV-proof, so that it may withstand harsh weather. This is, after all, a device made for outdoor use. EnGenius expects to receive $69.99 / 53.60-69.99 Euro for every ENS200 sold. Shipments are only being carried out in North America for now.

EnGenius ENS200 Outdoor Long-Range Wireless N150 Bridge/AP
Images credits to EnGenius


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