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Jan 28, 2013

Super Talent VLP DDR3

There used to be a time when memory modules, like all other pieces of hardware in a computer, were large, bulky, ugly things. Now, though, there are various ways to make them small, and Super Talent is eagerly using them.

DRAM and NAND chip maker Super Talent has formally introduced a new collection of memory modules with a very low height. They are seventeen in number and range from low-capacity but standard voltage to high capacity and low voltage, and every combination thereof. The IT player made them so that all sorts of PC motherboards and servers could benefit from their use. The low height will not matter so much for PCs, but blade servers will definitely have cause to rejoice, since it will permit them to be thinner than usual.

Just as important, if not more so, is that some of them can function at just 1.35V (versus 1.5V). Power efficiency is always a benefit, and explains why Super Talent describes this new memory set as “ updated green memory modules.” "Decreasing overhead in a data center is an easy way for a company to reduce costs. With Super Talent's Green Memory, power and cooling costs can be easily cut while maintaining speed and reliability for a company," said Shimon, VP of engineering, Super Talent Technology.

The amount of FR4 material used in the construction of the new RAM is 38% less than normal, even while sticking to JEDEC standard schematics. The capacities go from 2 GB to 8 GB. For details on each and every last module and kit, prospective buyers can go here, or take a look at the table embedded on the left.  If it's green memory but not RAM that people are looking for, Super Talent has also launched some new DuraDrive solid-state drives earlier this month (January 2013).

Super Talent VLP DDR3
Images credits to Super Talent


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