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Sep 17, 2014

iOS 8 is out! Here's How to Get it if You are a Beginner or an Advanced User

iOS 8 is the latest and greatest operating system for iPhone and iPad. Apple has improved a lot since iOS 7. They've kept the same design, but the new features are pretty awesome. Unlike other software providers, Apple makes it easy for everyone with an eligible device to update.

Basically all you have to do is push a button on your phone. However, before you do that, there are some things you might want to consider some things. The easy way, for beginners is to back-up their iPhone or iPad to iCloud. Just by connecting to a WiFi network your device can do that by itself. After that, go to Settings - General - Software Update and have fun with it. Advanced users, you probably know what you have to do, but it doesn't hurt to follow this basic checklist.

Back-up your device

We know iCloud does it for you, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your last iCloud back is done just before the update and then connect the device via USB cable to your computer, open iTunes and back it up to the computer as well. Dropbox is a good way to back-up your photos so make sure to install the app and let it automatically upload your photo library to your Dropbox account. While you are connected to WiFi, open all the apps that upload content online. Simplenote, Wunderlist or other apps that need to sync to their servers have to perform that operation before the update. In case something goes wrong you have your appointments and notes in the cloud.

You may want to also back-up your text messages and calendar entries, just in case. Note that if you want to install iOS 8 straight from the phone's Software update menu you need to have more space available than usual (about 5-6GB). This is required because iOS needs to download the full firmware and then install it on the device itself. You will regain your space after the update is done. To make it easier, just connect your iDevice to iTunes via USB and hit the update button.

Clean install

If you are an advanced user you know the benefits of a clean install. Just wipe your device from all the apps and settings and install iOS 8 without the restore from back-up. So why the whole back-up thing? Well, some of the apps need iCloud to work properly. For example, you need to have an iCloud account back-up for your Calendar, but you can live without your text messages. We know it's a big hassle to rearrange your apps in folders and go through all the settings, but your phone is gonna work like a brand new one. Also, you can get rid of some of the apps or stuff you used to store in some folders on your iPhone. In order to do a clean install, you need to download your firmware from Apple's servers or torrents and then open iTunes and press option (shift) + Restore. At the end of the process click to set-up your iPhone as a new one.

There are two things to consider when doing a clean install: all your photos will be gone (see the back-up advice) and your carrier may charge you to activate FaceTime to your number. The standard fee is about 12 Euro cents in Europe.

Do you really need to update to iOS 8?

iOS 8 brings a lot of new, awesome features, but for some of you it may also mean a slower device. iPhone 4 will not even update to iOS 8 and iPhone 4s is at the end of the line. All apps will feel slow and some of the device itself will take longer to boot. If you have jailbreaked your iPhone or iPad and you want to keep it that way do not update to iOS 8. Otherwise you will loose the option to jailbreak. Also, make sure to stay away from iTunes. It may update your iPhone without even knowing. However, in 2014 with iOS 8 installed, there's less (if any) need for a jailbreak. All the major issues with the iOS that were covered by Jailbreak tweaks are now solved. One last thing: make sure your iDevice has some battery in it. You will be playing with it tonight :)

iOS 8
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