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Sep 17, 2014

UMi Zero’s 6.4mm Thinness Puts the iPhone 6 to Shame

Before the advent of the Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet, the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet had been deemed to be the thinnest in the world. It came with an anorexic frame of 0.25 inches / 6.4 mm and a beautiful waterproof design.

Well, if tablets can get that sleek, there’s nothing standing against smartphones adopting the same svelte frame, right? In theory, yes, but most manufacturers often concentrate on improving battery life rather than slimming down their handset. Surely, it doesn’t mean we’re not seeing exceptions to the rule, like in the case of the Gionee GN9005, which has been shown in leaks to be a crazy 5mm / 0.19 inches thin.

UMi has an amazing smartphone in the pipeline

The next smartphone we’re going to talk about isn’t as sleek as the Gionee, but it’s close nearby. You might remember that Chinese manufacturer UMi has teased the UMi Zero smartphone. While nothing too official has been made available, reports coming from sources familiar with the matter have been talking about the phone’s fast charging and great metallic build quality. And the latest leak concerning the Zero phone is an image depicting the smartphone alongside the iPhone 6, Meizu MX4, and Xiaomi Mi4. Of the four handsets, the UMi Zero is shown to be slimmest, with a 6.4-inch / 0.25-inch frame, which shows some class to the above-mentioned competitors, reports GizChina.

The UMi Zero has a thinner profile than Apple's latest

The iPhone 6 stands at 6.9 inches / 0.27 inches, while the Meizu MX4 and Xiaomi Mi4 both feature an 8.9-inch / 0.35-inch profile. All the smartphones mentioned above sport a metallic body, so that’s probably why they are compared in the image. Apart from being super sleek, the handset will take advantage of one of Samsung’s 5.5-inch Super AMOLED full HD displays that delivers 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, with a Corning Gorilla Glass III protective layer on top. The smartphone will be kept in motion by a pretty decent 3000 mAh battery, which should ensure that the handset lives a respectable life cycle.

Even as the first specifications of the UMi Zero smartphone look pretty promising, we still have no idea what the device will actually look like. However, the OEM did tease the model in a photograph showing a very squareish-looking model. The image says “Coming soon,” so the launch of the new device is probably not far away from us. Watch out, Xaiomi and Meizu, some tough competition is coming your way soon.

UMi Zero compared to other metal smartphones

UMi Zero preliminary specs

UMi Zero teaser
Images credits to GizChina


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