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Sep 17, 2014

Windows 9 Will Support Unlimited Activations on Same Hardware

In addition to the many new features and slight interface changes that Microsoft is making to Windows 9, the company is also pondering some tweaks under the hood that could improve the experience you get with the new operating system.

According to new information coming from Russian Windows leaker WZor, who has a pretty really good track on revealing details about upcoming Microsoft projects, the software giant could change the way the activation system works in Windows 9 in order to provide users with more control of their license. One of the biggest changes that Windows 9 could bring is an unlimited number of activations on the same hardware, so in case you purchase a license, you can activate it on your computer as many times as you want. Microsoft hasn’t obviously disclosed any details on this new activation system, but more will be provided on September 30 during a dedicated press event.

Transfer your license easier to another PC

In addition to unlimited number of activations on the same hardware, Windows 9 will also come with some changes in terms of new PCs with the same license, so if you purchase a new computer and want to use your old license, that shouldn’t a problem. At this point, the number of installations is limited to three when it comes to different hardware configurations, but Microsoft is reportedly pondering a change in this regard to make sure that users would be capable of transferring the operating system from one computer to another faster. License tweaks will also be implemented in order to make it possible for computers running an older version of Windows to be updated to Windows 9 free of charge. At this point, however, it’s not yet clear who exactly is going to be allowed to get Windows 9 at no cost.

New anti-piracy tech

Last but not least, we’re also hearing that Windows 9 could come with new anti-piracy systems, including new code that would help the company prevent pirated copies of the new software from spreading all over the web. Details are scarce at this point, but the company clearly needs to address the piracy issue with some new protection systems, but it remains to be seen how hard it would be for crackers to break into the operating system and find a way around its protection system. The preview version of Windows 9 will come out on September 30 or a few days later, while the stable build is expected in April 2015 or even earlier.

Windows 9 will come with more powerful activation systems to reduce piracy


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